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Avila's Dream Room!

THANK YOU very much to everyone who nominated Avila for this generous gift! @savvygivingbydesign has designed dream bedrooms for Avila AND her siblings! As a mom, I am so grateful that this design team doesn’t overlook the siblings and have included them in this journey— because they are also going through this with Avila and are at the forefront of this battle with her. We are blessed beyond measure and humbled by everyone’s generosity. Thank you again!!!!


Join hands with Savvy Giving By Design:

Providing recovering children with a positive, stress-free home environment can make an incredible difference in their healing journey. By supporting new room transformations, you’re giving children a space to just “be”, away from the demands of treatment and support them as navigate their new lives both mentally and physically.

Click here to meet the children & support Savvy Giving By Design

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